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How to Achieve Better Equipment Performance Today

Jennie McRae - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

        The performance of your equipment means everything for your business; it will directly affect how profitable and efficient your operation is. Here are three easy steps to help you achieve better performance and have healthier and more reliable engines to operate with:

1. Get the right fuel and lubricants.

        We've all been told that fuel and lubricants have a huge effect on how well a vehicle runs. (That's because they do!) It's imperative that you take the time to determine which fuel and lubricant products are right for your equipment. Double check the recommendation made by your equipment manufacturer. Even if it means spending more money up-front on premium products, you will absolutely reap the benefits later on--your ROI will dramatically increase as maintenance costs decrease.

2. Have your used oil analyzed.

        Regular oil analysis will help you determine what a proper life for your engine oil is, what problems might be occurring in your equipment that you might not know about, and will also help you determine if what you are using currently is working for your equipment. Not only will your equipment performance increase, but your maintenance budget will be more wisely spent when you have so much knowledge about what is going on in your equipment.

3. Talk to your fuel and lubricants account manager.

        As a business that works closely with a fuel and lubricants distributor, you have unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge. Central Oil & Supply's fuel and lubricant account managers are readily available to help you; they know what your equipment needs in order for it to function properly and remain reliable.

        Call to reach your account manager at 1-800-883-8081, and you can start learning about how to achieve better equipment performance today.





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