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Not Your Dad's Truck: DEF, SCR, and the EPA

Jennie McRae - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

        Diesel engines sure have come a long way, haven’t they? They have a very bright future in light of recent technological, political, and economical developments. With the help of DEF and SCR technology, the reputation of diesel engines has shifted from being harmful to the environment to being an appealing alternative for its fuel efficiency.1


         In January 2010, the EPA brought in new emissions standards requiring medium to heavy duty vehicles to reduce engine emissions significantly. To help meet these demands put forth by the EPA, vehicle manufacturers are now equipping diesel engines with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) capabilities. With SCR technology, DEF (diesel exhaust fluid—a solution of urea and de-ionized water) is sprayed in the exhaust, breaking down hazardous nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, turning it into a harmless mixture of nitrogen and water. And by 2016, all newly manufactured OTR and off-road vehicles and equipment must be fitted with SCR technology and DEF.


         Even if it weren’t required by the EPA, DEF would be a valuable addition to your fleet; it is biodegradable, is much better for the environment, and will allow you to extend oil drain



         As a customer of Central Oil & Supply, you can be sure that your diesel fleet will be EPA compliant with Victory Blue DEF. Please feel free to contact your account manager today about the future of diesel engines, SCR, DEF, and what it all means for your business at


Curious about what your DEF consumption would be for your fleet? Visit http://www.govictoryblue.com/def-calculator/ today.


1. http://www.govictoryblue.com/environment/


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