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Industrial Best Practices: Safety

Jennie McRae - Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Central Oil & Supply is very proud to have two D-FLTS certified account managers (there are only approximately 30 in the country!). So when it comes to workplace safety and industrial best practices, we have you covered. Safety is something that we feel very strongly about at COS; after all, an unsafe work environment has the potential to harm your most valuable resource--your employees. And, it's important to note that often, shortcuts are made in efforts to save money and time, but the safety hazards that could result might end up costing you much more in the long-run. 

Here are a few tips from Nicole Morgan, our North Louisiana/Arkansas D-FLTS Account Manager:

1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

-Hard Hats (to protect from falling objects/walking into sharp objects)

-Safety Glasses/Goggles (to protect eyes from debris, dust, and contaminants to eyes)

-Steel Toe Footwear (to protect against heavy items dropped on feet)

-Light-Colored, Cotton Clothing (to reflect light and protect against heat exposure)

-Gloves (to protect from chemical burns, hot surfaces, and dirt contamination)

2. Take Time Out to Hydrate:

-Exposure to excessive heat and enclosed places promotes over-exertion and sweating, which leads to dehydration.

-Re-fueling with room temperature water or Gatorade is essential to keeping your body cooled down 

3. Take 5:

-Create small teams that meet for 5 minutes to discuss surroundings and potential hazards/check for safety equipment and safety performance issues. 

-Use these teams to evaluate any changes since the last huddle in order to promote awareness and accountability.

4. Lock out/Tag out:

-Lock out/tag out is the proper way to shut down equipment: lock the machine/power source to it cannot be turned on

-Tag the machine so it is not tampered with until the tag is removed, showing that the power source can be turned back to on position

5. Don't be Tempted by Shortcuts:

-Shortcuts reduce safety, and guidelines are put in place to take the time to do it right the first time

-Report any unsafe conditions/guideline negligence--after all, it's your safety on the line

-Always have a watchful eye for yourself and others! (If everyone is watching, everyone is safe.)


For more advice on how to create a safe work environment at your facility or plant, please call one of our nationally certified D-FLTS (2) trained account managers at 1-800-883-8081.



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