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Shell's Claims Against Mobil Delvac - What You Need to Know

Jennie McRae - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Shell released a statement on June 14, 2018, that Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40 does not pass the stringent CK-4 Volvo T-13 test it claims to pass. 

Background on CK-4 and the Volvo T-13 Engine Test: 

What is CK-4? 

CK-4 is the API’s (American Petroleum Institute) newest diesel engine oil standard. New engine oil standards are developed every few years to protect new and current engine technologies, meet government regulations, and ensure overall quality in the motor oil industry. API CK-4 oils were designed specifically to meet stricter emission standards. They’re also overall superior to CJ-4 oils in protecting engines from oil oxidation, viscosity loss, and oil aeration. 

What is the Volvo T-13 Test? 

The Volvo T-13 Engine Test is a very severe 360-hour duration, high-temperature oxidation test – it is one of several tests used to determine if an oil is CK-4 compliant. Because the industry is responding to stricter emission standards, smaller engines are being built with increased turbo-charging; and in other cases, engines are being created to run at higher temperatures. Both scenarios create a very challenging environment for an oil to protect your engine. The Volvo T-13 Engine Test is used to determine if an oil will remain resilient in these severe, yet fuel efficient, engines. 

What It Means for You: 

What does it mean when an engine oil doesn’t pass CK-4 requirements? 

When an oil doesn’t pass all CK-4 requirements, you risk deposit build-up, corrosive wear on engine parts, and viscosity thickening of the oil. This all can lead to reduced oil drain intervals, shorter engine life, and reduced energy efficiency and fuel economy. 

Does Shell Rotella Pass the Volvo T-13 Test? 

Yes! When you use Shell Rotella, you can be confident that not only does it pass the CK-4 requirements with flying colors – it goes above and beyond to meet the stringent requirements set by Volvo, MACK, and Cummins. Demonstrating robust performance in the Volvo T-13 Test is evidence that Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15w40 engine oil can enable OEMs to deliver the promise of fuel efficiency and can help customers protect their equipment.

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